Equipment, Machines & Factory

Foil wrapping has been Spaljisten´s core competence for many years.

Today we have several wrapping lines installed and can offer profiles with 2D and 360° wrapping technology. 
One of these lines is unique and specialized in processing thicker foils that mostly has a high gloss finish used for fronts and panels fulfilling highest requirements when it comes to top quality surfaces.

Our production site is highly automated and continuously improved. This, together with our highly skilled expert personnel, makes Spaljisten to a first choice international supplier.

The logistic flow in the factory is optimized for maximum output. In one corner of the factory raw material is stored. The material follows in different production steps through the whole plant and ends up in our storage department in the opposite corner of the factory for further distribution to customers. The normal level is 2-4 weeks of finished goods on stock.

In total we possess over 35.000 sqm with possibilities to further expansion. The total lead-time for a single product running from a raw material to a “flat package” at the store department is in many cases less than 2 days.